Buddy News

I finally emailed Shelly who helped me get Buddy shipped to CT for adoption before moving to the UAE. This was by far the most difficult decision for me.

I have hesitated following up with Buddy because i didn't want to hear any bad news. No news is good news right?

Shelly emailed me back and said Buddy had a rough time. He didn't get along with the foster family and moved from foster to foster like a troubled teen.

Shelly brought him back to TN and gave him obedience training. He did well and was adopted by a couple with no kids and is moving to Canada.

Shelly is one of those people who gives and lives with integrity in a way that assumnes everybody lives this way. Well, they do not! For Shelly to bring Buddy back to TN, give him training, and stick with him says it all. They make movies about people like Shelly.


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Ashraf said...

that is great, live and let other live