Buddy News

I finally emailed Shelly who helped me get Buddy shipped to CT for adoption before moving to the UAE. This was by far the most difficult decision for me.

I have hesitated following up with Buddy because i didn't want to hear any bad news. No news is good news right?

Shelly emailed me back and said Buddy had a rough time. He didn't get along with the foster family and moved from foster to foster like a troubled teen.

Shelly brought him back to TN and gave him obedience training. He did well and was adopted by a couple with no kids and is moving to Canada.

Shelly is one of those people who gives and lives with integrity in a way that assumnes everybody lives this way. Well, they do not! For Shelly to bring Buddy back to TN, give him training, and stick with him says it all. They make movies about people like Shelly.


...# 23

Buddy left for Connecticut this afternoon with Last Chance Highway. I had such a hard time finding the right home for him. Thankfully a wonderful woman in middle TN has a rescue and works with another rescue in CT. It came down to the wire before I had to leave for CA and then Abu Dhabi.

this pic is hard to see for me...
he was packed in like a prisoner behind bars in crate #23

He was transported to his new foster home in a van full of dogs. This service specializes in this dog transport. It was sad to see him in his crate with those other dogs. I will miss the Budster tremendously. He was the best dog. Whoever adopts him will be blessed!

what an amazing dog...I can't look at this pic anymore...last time I saw him :(

Bye Buddy!

this little cutey was so adorable...she looked so sad tho before departure


All About Buddy!

I thought Buddy found a new home this past Sunday, but it didn't work out. So the search is on!
This blog is now dedicated to finding Buddy the best home!

About Buddy
I fostered Buddy last October. He was in a dog rescue group. Sadly, the group had to close and the owner became very ill. She had to move out of state. I didn't want to give Buddy up to a shelter so I kept him.

He is 55lbs and 13 months old. He needs a fenced in area. 14 guage welded wire fence, five feet tall works best and is very easy to put up. Tractor Supply has this fencing.

He has had ALL shots and is currently up-to-date.
Buddy has had the following medical treatment done in July:
Wellness Exam
Adenovirus 2

Buddy has made amazing progress over the past several months. It all came down to structure, consistency, and care. Like all dogs he responds to these factors.

Buddy is a bully-collie mix (I think). He is very handsome, energetic, and playful. His personality is all boy. He is fearless and has no hang-ups. He just loves to play all day. He came run at 100mph and slow down to a crawl at night in the house. He sleeps inside on the carpet or his dog bed down pillow.

Buddy LOVES to play with a basketball in the yard. He will chase it until he tires. His tire swing is also a full time preoccupation when he is allowed to be more energetic.

Buddy is great with all types of people. He is hyper at first, but when he calms, fits right in. This is a very intelligent breed and his curiosity allows him to seek out anything new and unexplored.

He has been fixed and is in great health. He eats twice a day, but mostly at night. His bowl movements are consistent.

Buddy gets along with most dogs, but it takes time to get him to adjust. Usually, a dog takes three days to get settled in a new home. Introducing Buddy to a new dog is a separate conversation, but there is a best way of doing it. Same with meeting him for the first time.

I hope Buddy finds a great home. He is the best dog I've had.

If Interested...email Joe at: scampy drums at hot mail dot com (fill in gaps)


Sally Adopted!

Sally was adopted this past Friday to a very good home. This was a real blessing because she is not a real emotional dog, more like a cat. Sally was my first rescue/foster and I've had her over two years. She was emotionally paralyzed when I got her and to see her rehabilitate85% is tremendously rewarding. It is all about never giving up and allowing the dog to just be who she would eventually be. Incredible learning experience.
Now Buddy needs a good home. Pray for Buddy and the perfect match for him.

A Little Buddy & Sally

Might have new owners for both Buddy & Sally. They came over and loved the dogs. I was impressed with their love for dogs and desire to care for them. More to come...

Storm of the Century

The Nashville area receved record rain. The top three recorded daily totals are now last Sunday, 1975, and last Saurday. That's two days in a row of record rainfall totally up to 20 inches! Here's my yard area.

water coming from the hill beghind the house...carved up my rock driveway

water stereaming down front lawn with driveway rock

front street about to be flooded

Buddy & Sally & Cow

This is one of twelve cows on my land

Gettin' Warmer!

The weather is warming up...nice.

Budster looking intense as he locks
onto his basketball hid behind the lamp.

More B-Ball intensity
Took a shower today and forgot to close back door. Got out and walked to get my t-shirt, saw door open and heart fell through my chest. Last time Buddy got loose he went for dogs next door. Not a good scene on a Sunday afternoon. Neighbor was less than happy.
Today, he chased small dogs w/Sally, went after some cows and then came to me on my ATV yelling. This was actually a good thing to happen because I now feel very confident he will not harm another dog. He has anxious energy and runs wild at anything that moves then on to something else.

Sally looking elegant sitting on bed.
Finally got a good pic of her!

front porch

front yard

where I walk the dogs

TN Snow from my porch

Dogs playing

Snow Storm

Since moving to TN, I've experienced the most rain in the month of October, record rainfall for the year and the coolest winter in 25 years.