Finally...A Fence Put Up!

Well, after ordering dog tags ol' Albert went on one of his overnight playboy romps. I found him the next day at a local hardware store back in storage. They kept him for me. Because they helped me, I bought a 100 feet of fencing and t-posts from them despite their pricing a bit higher than Tractor Supply. The t-post were also brown so I had to spray paint them. I had to buy the other 200 feet of fencing from Tracktor Supply however.

After finalizing the fence I let Albert out. In THREE minutes he found the vulnerable area and crawled under it. He was out. I then had to improvise and create a barrier. I think this will work, but all of the extra duty sent my back into a pain zone never experienced before. I could not sleep until around 3am when the pain finally relaxed. I think the area was inflamed from all the strain.

Sally however will not come outside. She is so sensitive to change. She seems lost's weird. Same backyard...just enclosed. Fascinating.

Oh was all of 30 degrees outside when I built this. I know that sounds cold, but when you're in a groove, it wasn't too bad. Gloves are essential (thanks K-Mac for those yellow gloves)...they made this possible.

Measure Twice, cut once"
This was the basic layout

view from backyard --posts unpainted

side of cabin looking down

from back porch

directly in back

side view

off to Tractor Supply--don't have a printer working
so I gave them a pic from my camera. They accepted it.

George before posts painted

carport--took advantage of already existing carport posts

painted: view inside fence

weak area--sides were a challenge...need a big rock here
t-post driver was a blessing...couldn't have done the job
without it and still had working hands!
carport--existing posts--I just fenced around them

possible weak area. I bought a few extra t-posts just in case

Albert proof...he found this weak spot in three mins
I had to cut the five foot fence in half and fold over,
then lay half on ground and the opther on exisiting fence.
Lastly, I weaved the tie wire in and out.


Matt said...

Awesome! I'm happy for you. You should really get that pain checked out! It's all good now right? No escapees?

Kraig McNutt said...

Boundaries are good. Does the patch-work keep Albert in now?

Nibbles Treats said...

What a great yard to run around in. Congrats!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Anonymous said...

looks good!
good job

ca. mongoose

went biking yesterday at marina del rey